What about our "heroes"?

What if the real "heroes" aren't who we think?

Every day, men and women work on the roads and in cities for our day-to-day needs. What if drivers were much more than just drivers? What if they were the heroes of everyday life?

Throughout the world, Renault Trucks is looking for such heroes. These men and women work for our day-to-day needs every day and are much more than just drivers behind the wheel.

We will reveal the hidden sides of our drivers through several videos. During the episodes, discover the stories of our drivers, our heroes, but above all portraits of passionate people.

Drivers Renault Trucks
Drivers Renault Trucks Drivers Renault Trucks
These drivers, our heroes.
What about you? Do you have a hidden talent, a passion, a hobby? Tell us about it, and become the hero of our next episode.
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I am drivers but also regional champion of judo.

Olivier P.

As soon as I finish my tour, I join my Rock band where I play bass.

Jerome A.

At the end of my day I return to my true passion: motocross!

Sylvie M.

I am a real passionate, the weekend with my son I restore old trucks

Francky A.